Becky Brofman Philosophy

Nothing excites me more than a three-dimensional manifestation of an idea. The process may be arduous, but the payoff is real: you see it; touch it; use it. That is why I do what I do. In childhood I made doll furniture out of corks. As a teenager I sewed my own clothes. As a designer I have furnished millions of square feet of offices and homes.

I am a planner. I like to work things out on paper, through drawings, scale models, mock ups and samples before beginning a project regardless of medium. Extra materials always surround me because I am not adverse to revamping or redesigning. I have perfectionist tendencies, which is both a blessing and a curse. Certain characteristics inform all of my work. It is clean, appropriately scaled, typically un-frivolous, and functional. Louis Sullivan’s quote, “Form ever follows function” is never far from my mind. I seek work that captures my imagination, allows me to problem solve, and gives rhythm to my life.

I am a collaborator. The best projects come from the interaction of many team members, including the client, the contractors and the suppliers. As a single practitioner I rely heavily on my suppliers and contractors to make sure I ask the right questions, think of all the angles. No project is too small. I can assist whether it is one hour of paint color selection or an entire home renovation. I always try to pull in the best people for every project to ensure the client receives the highest quality design and service.

– Becky Brofman